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Your cross-sell chances are limited until you know your customer.

Lifecycle Management Part 3: Know Your Customer With Relationship Optimization

Financial firms can save time and money and drive revenue if they deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Big data can help you know your customer, as discussed in the first two parts … [Read More...]

Compliance Board

Hardee’s & PacSun Webinar– Onboarding Compliance That Pays For Itself

What can a retailer get out of an electronic onboarding system? Or a casual dining chain? How about cutting onboarding time from 4 hours per new hire to a half an hour? How about improving WOTC screening … [Read More...]

Health Care Reform ACA

MESC: Streamlining the Applicant Eligibility Experience with Program Integrity

Rich Huffman, Sr Director - Identity Product Management, recently presented at MESC  on how to improve program integrity by understanding applicant eligibility early in the process. Public health and welfare … [Read More...]

More Industry Highlights

More Industry Highlights