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Allaying concerns about fraud from third-party vendors

Companies have spent a great deal of time and money protecting their core systems and infrastructure from cyber attacks — hardening their perimeters and moving to risk-based authentication for moderate to high … [Read More...]

Revolving Door Turnover

Using Analytics to Power Identity Proofing

Confirming the identities of users in large external user populations can be challenging. A government agency giving a citizen access to sign up for benefits or check records may potentially be challenged with … [Read More...]

WOTC update

WOTC Update: Tax Reform and Tax Extenders

Tax reform is sometimes mentioned as a potential cause of delay for the renewal of WOTC and other tax credits.  That is, if tax reform were to happen, then it is conceivable that, as part of that process, … [Read More...]

More Industry Highlights

More Industry Highlights