Jenn Reid, Senior Director, Equifax Automotive Services

About Jenn Reid

Jenn joined Equifax Automotive Services from the auto lending industry, where she spent the past six years focused on both the manufacturer and indirect lending channels. She brings over 13 years of automotive experience, working for both dealerships and automotive finance companies, along with a degree in Automotive Marketing and Management from Northwood University. Jenn’s background in both the lender and dealer space allows her to understand the needs of the automotive market, and ensures our solutions are meeting client needs.

Kicking Auto Loan Fraud to the Curb

Auto Loan Fraud

Application fraud in Automotive lending can be as simple as a clerical error or income exaggeration, all the way to flat-out loan fraud involving the falsification of loan applications, the creation of false pay stubs, or multiple vehicles financed with different lenders.  Sophisticated fraud involves groups of perpetrators and dishonest employees. The pressure to sell [Read More...]

Predictive solutions that produce insights to protect and grow your portfolio


Your customers are being financed by competitors every day — and you know it. It’s the very nature of the indirect auto lending space. Dealers send out the apps and look for the best — and quickest — response. It’s time to preempt the pilfering of your profits. Getting to a consumer with a relevant [Read More...]

Game-changing Automotive Insights


The automotive industry has become accustomed to looking in the rearview mirror. We know what a customer has purchased, how a loan has performed, and if the right credit decision was made— but what about the future and ensuring you are in front of the right customers with the right terms? How can we expand [Read More...]

Non-Prime Opportunities Drive Dramatic Auto Loan Growth


Their credit may not be perfect, but they are bankable and eager to buy. They are the 40 percent of potential car buyers with credit scores under 680. By tapping new sources of alternative data, non-prime opportunities like these can be properly evaluated and added to a prudent auto loan portfolio. And the timing couldn’t [Read More...]

Employment Verification: The Auto Dealer’s Instant Solution


It’s a frustrating statistic that auto dealers know well: Only 20 percent of people who visit a showroom floor will actually purchase a vehicle. Eight in 10 will be walk-offs. Yet 78 percent of customers who walk through that door will buy a vehicle somewhere, according to DealerRefresh. One of the big deterrents to getting [Read More...]

Instant Employment Verification: Gearing Up Non-prime Auto Loans in a Resurgent Market


Car sales are up, customers are back in the showroom, and cars are going over the curb.  It’s fun to be in the car business again. After quite a few “roll up the sleeve” years, the American car buyer is falling back in love with new cars and trucks. With intense competition and rising demand, [Read More...]