Turning Big Data into Big Money: Using Analytics to Monetize the New Tech Savvy Consumer


  Complimentary Web Seminar May 16, 2013 | 2pm ET/11am PT     The financial services   industry – and retail banking, in particular – are under pressure from all   sides to change. The regulatory environment, the state of the economy,   technology developments, and changing consumer demographics are converging to   reshape the [Read More…]

Three Tips For Better Servicing Your Small Business Customers

This is the first in a series of posts how building and using more effective Customer Insights can yield improved performance and competitive advantage for banks and financial institutions. Recently, we worked with a bank that was looking to improve their bottom line by focusing on commercial deposits and lending. Commercial banking in general, and [Read More…]

Future Trend in Banking IT: Progressive Renovation

Last week “Bank Technology News” published an interesting article regarding the challenges banks face as a result of dependence on older, legacy technology used in support of customer-facing systems. The article describes a convergence of challenging considerations that many banks are dealing with and puts forth a new label regarding a strategic approach to move [Read More…]

Augment Systems to get Quicker ROI

Rip and Replace is not always an option In this space, we have written about how some banks are making changes to simplify their technology and reduce operational complexity. Replacing old, antiquated systems with new, more flexible solutions is a great option and can help deliver significant improvements in risk, operations, IT, and lending. Alternatively, [Read More…]

Enabling Business Users for Competitive Advantage

We have written previously about how banks are reducing complexity and simplifying their systems topography in an effort to gain a competitive advantage. It is addition by subtraction. Fewer systems to modify in support of policy changes helps reduce both costs and risks while improving responsiveness to changing market conditions. Similarly, when business users and [Read More…]

Omni-channel Banking

The following is an excerpt from our October newsletter Simplify Technology to Achieve Omni-channel Distribution Banks have invested significantly in branch networks, call-centers, ATMs, on-line banking and mobile banking channels to better acquire and service their customers. In a 2012 survey of banking consumers by Cisco, the following are the preferred channels for banking transactions: [Read More…]

Proactive Line Management Helps Increase Bank Profitability

Our recent consumer credit trends summaries indicate that credit is becoming more available. There are increases in the number of open credit lines across multiple products though the average credit line is still relatively low compared to pre-recession levels. We are hearing from many banks looking to proactively increase credit lines for their best customers. [Read More…]

IT Simplification – Addition by Subtraction

We have blogged previously here on “Know, Catch, Keep” that banks need to look to simplification to help grow their business. A recent KPMG survey shows this trend remains a top priority in the industry. That survey reflects the responses of 100 banking/ financial sector executives from large, U.S.-based companies with $100 million or more [Read More…]

Notes from BAI 2012 Retail Delivery

Last week we attended BAI Retail Delivery 2012. This year’s event offered a diverse agenda, and here are some of the themes and highlights we captured. Mobile Banking continues to be hot topic as smart-phones move beyond a means for accessing balances and paying bills, to a commerce device for handling transactions and replacing credit [Read More…]