Remote Access — Do You Know Who Is In Your Data?

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Just over 80 percent of HR managers in a recent survey gave their agencies a grade of B or C for progress in meeting the Telework Enhancement Act’s goals of using telework to achieve greater flexibility in workforce management Letting workers access sensitive systems and data from off-site locations and, potentially, using uncontrolled devices raises a [Read More...]

Combating Identity Misuse and Fraud in a Global, Social Economy


Illicit use of identities has been occurring for many years; however, due to the faceless nature of e-commerce and now consumer banking, the impacts are being felt in a painful way across all industries. It is not uncommon for fraud losses to be measured in the tens of millions of dollars, and these losses have [Read More...]

Assessing Risk for the Best Fraud Prevention

Revolving Door

Leading analysts have called for a layered security model to protect against online fraud, account take-over, and financial loss.  Trends are also showing that businesses need to improve the interactive end user experience by minimizing intrusive authentication methods while still maintaining security for online transactions and reducing the opportunities for fraud. There is a way [Read More...]

States react to data breaches and potential identity fraud


The state of Montana recently announced that a server at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services was hacked in May, exposing 1.3 million records potentially including names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. In 2012, a data breach at the South Carolina Department of Revenue exposed tax records and financial information [Read More...]

Improving Patient Outcomes through Secure Data Exchanges


Michael Nelson recently presented at the WEDI Annual Conference on the topic of Secure Medical Record Exchanges. Sharing patient information across healthcare networks helps providers offer better care, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs. However, as more and more health information becomes available electronically through secure data exchanges – Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Health [Read More...]

Fraud Prevention ‘Best Practices’ Video

Fraud Best Practices video

We have recently released a video interview with Gasan Awad, Identity and Fraud Product Leader, offering insight and best practices for financial institutions to minimize fraud and identity misuse from account acquisition through post-acquisition transactions that are high-risk for account take-over and theft. Mr. Awad highlights the importance of a layered defense to minimize fraud [Read More...]

Agency Fight against Fraud and Identity Theft

Maximize Your WOTC ROI

In the Final Report issued on March 28, 2014 , the office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said that it identified and confirmed 28,076 fraudulent tax returns involving identity theft. “Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes nationwide, and refund fraud caused by identity theft is one of the biggest [Read More...]

Authentication and Encryption Working Together


As online traffic increases, organizations are making decisions about appropriate levels of authentication for their consumer-facing portals. These organizations are determining how authentication “speed bumps” in front of consumers affect adoption and use because they want to make it easy for a consumer to get to his data. The problem, of course, is that making it easy [Read More...]

HiMSS Recap


We’re you able to be at the HiMSS Conference this year? We had quite a bit of discussion around EMRs and the pending Meaningful Use deadlines – particularly the security and fraud issues associated with those goals. We also heard from attendees that they are looking for more information about: Identity proofing at patient portals [Read More...]