Boost Your Mortgage Business With Home-Buying Seminars


A steady stream of new clients is one of the most important aspects of building a successful mortgage business. While many mortgage professionals rely on their own personal networks as well as referrals from past clients and connections with real estate agents, too many professionals overlook an excellent method for generating new leads: hosting home-buying seminars.

Lending professionals can make use of these information sessions to find new clients and sustain long-term success.

Cover specific topics

Home buying is a complex subject, so general seminars that target all prospective homebuyers could easily result in watered-down information that isn’t useful to attendees. Instead, focus on specific themes and target narrower subsets of prospective buyers, such as self-employed professionals or homeowners who are looking into investment property. Attendees will find the information more relevant and useful, generating a positive opinion of the host.

Form personal relationships

Although mortgage professionals should spend the bulk of their time presenting to the group as a whole, they should always stick around after a presentation to talk to any attendees who may have questions they’d prefer to ask directly. Even if there’s a Q&A session during the presentation, professionals should keep in mind that some individuals may prefer to ask questions about their financial situations in a more private manner.

By being available to talk, the presenter can address these concerns and form more personal and lasting relationships with attendees.

Follow up

Home-buying seminars give mortgage professionals the chance to connect with potential homebuyers who are in different stages of readiness when it comes to actually making a purchase. Some attendees will have already begun looking at properties, while others might be gathering information for a purchase in two or three years’ time.

Mortgage professionals should provide their contact information on all materials they distribute at a seminar so that they can keep in touch with attendees. Sign-up sheets that request their e-mail addresses can provide you even more leads. Contacting attendees after the seminar, whether it’s through an e-mail newsletter or periodic e-mail announcements, can result in new mortgage business leads for months and even years after the event.

Home-buying seminars not only provide valuable information for prospective homebuyers, they also give mortgage professionals an opportunity to make connections with potential (and informed) new clients. With the right strategies in place, these seminars can be some of the most powerful marketing tools in the mortgage professional’s arsenal.