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Big Data in Finance: 3 Banks That Get It


Today’s business world is constantly changing, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of information management. The rapid advances in…

The New View of the Bank Customer


The way customers view banks is changing, and successful financial institutions will change the way they view the bank customer as well. No longer just…

Enhance Marketing Efficiency by Leveraging Big Data

marketing efficiency

In recent years, marketing has become significantly data-driven across many industries. However, many financial services firms have only begun to scrape the surface when it comes to leveraging the full power of big data. Most banks do rely on their existing firm data to plan marketing campaigns, but they can significantly enhance marketing efficiency if [Read More...]

How Retail Consumer Banks Can Better Reach Consumers Online

digital marketing

Buying ads online and reaching lots of consumers is relatively easy. For retail bank advertisers looking to attract new customers online, the biggest challenge is to deliver ads that actually grab consumers’ attention and help drive them to open an account as well. That last piece complicates retail bank advertising even further, because banks have [Read More...]

Relationship Status: 4 Ways Retail Banks Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

retail banking

While average banking customers say they are satisfied with retail banking, retail bank loyalty is another story. In a 2012 World Banking Report, consulting firm Capgemini and Efma found that, while 80 percent of customers say they’re satisfied with their primary banking institution, only 50 percent were confident that they’d stick with that bank for [Read More...]

5 Marketing Analytics Practices That Make a Difference in High-Growth Financial Institutions


The marketing analytics practices of banks and credit unions help define success in attracting new customers or members and retaining current ones. Financial institutions (FIs) that meet high-performance standards in growth do so because of their ability to leverage big data and resources efficiently and effectively. An Aite Group study of 135 marketing executives from banks and [Read More...]

Appealing to the Underbanked Brings Out Creativity in Banks

Appealing to the Underbanked image

Appealing to the underbanked has become an area of focus for many major institutions, with mixed success. Some large banks have opened branches in neighborhoods that have long been underserved but have difficulty attracting customers, perhaps because of a language barrier or distrust of large institutions. Still, this market segment has great potential for financial [Read More...]

Using Big Data for Fraud Mitigation Strategies in the Banking Sector

fraud mitigation

Every bank strives for fraud mitigation. Some banks are doing it by using big data both to stop fraud and to predict where it might happen. Big data gathers valuable information across various industries, analyzing billions of small data components and giving banks predictive insights into fraud-prevention strategies. How fraud mitigation and big data work [Read More...]

4 Ways to Improve New Customer Onboarding

4 ways to improve image

The customer onboarding process can produce immediate and significant revenue; however, it can also mean missed opportunities. Without the right tools in place, financial institutions might miss the chance to cross-sell products to potentially profitable customers. Of course, improving the new customer onboarding process — for customers and banks alike — boils down to the [Read More...]