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Webinar: Credit Unions and the HELOC Landscape

Credit Unions and the HELOC Landscape

Event: Credit Unions and the HELOC Landscape Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern Registration Link: According to the latest Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report, U.S. consumer appetite for home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) is increasing. More than 1.2 million new HELOCs were opened in 2014, a 15.8% increase over [Read More…]

The Reduced Buying Power of Millennials Is Hampering Homeownership

Mortgage lenders must creatively tailor their marketing efforts to combat the low buying power of millennials.

The reduced buying power of millennials has forced many to avoid homeownership. Here’s how to get them engaged in the real estate game.

The Argus-Equifax Approach: Acquiring Profitable Checking Accounts Through Advanced Targeting

Hitting the Mark on Profitable Checking Account Acquisitions

Mass marketing approaches are no longer likely to result in acquiring profitable checking accounts; however, data-driven targeting can help.

Predicting the Housing Market Recovery Through Construction Industry Experts

Want to predict the housing market? Ask a building materials expert.

The building materials industry has a track record of predicting the health of the housing market. What may the next few years mean for lending?

Is the Market for Real Estate Investment Drying Up?

A stronger housing market means fewer bargains for investors.

After years of high activity, the market for real estate investment is slowing down. What’s going on and how can lenders adjust to this shift?

Expect Increasing Demand for Data in Mortgage Lending

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Austin Kilgore, managing editor for National Mortgage News and Mortgage Technology, released a series of stories at the end of last year previewing the biggest trends in 2015 for mortgage. In his article, “2015 Technology Outlook:  Data, Data and More Data”, Kilgore discusses the ongoing push for more robust loan data in 2015 as market participants [Read More…]

FHA Requirements Continue to Hurt the Condo Market: Is Relief in Sight?

FHA requirements continue to hinder the growing market for condos.

FHA requirements are slowing down growth in the condo market. But change could be coming soon, creating a huge opportunity for lenders.