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Online Targeting for Auto: How Car-Buying Preferences Vary by City

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Auto manufacturers, auto ad agencies, lenders and dealers all face difficult challenges in online advertising. While brand advertising puts a make or model into the consumer’s mind, the ultimate goal is to sell cars. The most effective way to do this – as well as to extend loans – is to put the right message [Read More...]

The Hopper and The Genie: TV Targets Millennials Through Tech

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If a calculated marketing move could isolate and possibly result in losing a large chunk of your customer base, would you proceed? That’s the question…

Centralize Service Activation with InterConnect for Communications & Utilities

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Service activation works like a machine – without all the gears in place, you lost functionality and efficiency. Unfortunately, with varying data,…

Account Acquisition: Equifax Helps Utility Streamline and Simplify


When your company already manages over 200,000 accounts, it’s important to keep current customers happy while attracting a new client base. That was the…

Social Media Trends: How Facebook and Twitter Are Affecting Pay TV Subscribers


If you’ve never heard of Sharknado, then chances are that you don’t have a Twitter account. By all means, the show was a lesson in social media…

Alternative Data for Subprime Auto Lending


The appetite for subprime auto lending has returned.  Delinquencies are falling, and finance policies have loosened from the restrictive standards seen at the height of the recession.  But to protect your loan portfolio and gain better insight into your customers, you’ll need better data, smarter risk metrics and dead-on pricing. A case study A client [Read More...]

Macro-Level Credit Trends Affecting the Telco / Utility Space


The global financial crisis and ensuing Great Recession ended five years ago, but credit trends show the nation’s economy is still healing.

How New Technology Can Inject Life into your Legacy Systems

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Let’s face it: Growth in the auto industry can be tough. Thanks to trepidation among buyers and competitors who seem to offer more for less, scanning your current criteria for worthy buyers can leave you scratching your head. But while you might blame the difficulty on a sluggish economy, it might actually be your outdated [Read More...]

FHA Guidance on eSignatures a Close Match to Industry Practices


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) now accepts electronic signatures (eSignatures) on many more loan documents based on a set of guidelines that closely track industry-standard best practices.  Effective immediately, the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) will accept eSignatures on servicing and loss mitigation documents, as well as IRS Form 4506-T, FHA insurance claims, REO sales contracts [Read More...]