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Temporary Protected Status – Extensions Continue

e-verify update

Late last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced continued designations for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).  This follows the TPS extensions of Honduras and Nicaragua in October 2014.  The most recent round of TPS designations provides eligible nationals of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone who are currently residing in the United States to apply [Read More...]

Executive Action! President Obama’s Immigration Plan

President Obama Immigration Reform

Yesterday evening (November 20, 2014), President Obama announced his plan for executive action on immigration. In the national speech, the president outlined three areas of focus the executive action is geared to address: Increase Border Security: Provide additional resources for law enforcement personnel so that they can stem the flow of illegal crossings and speed [Read More...]

2014 FUTA Tax Rates – Credit Reductions and BCR

unemployment insurance

When a state’s unemployment insurance (“UI”) trust fund becomes insolvent, the state has an opportunity to borrow from the federal government in the form of “Title XII” loans to pay unemployment benefits to claimants.  These Title XII loans can increase federal unemployment (“FUTA”) tax rates for employers in the affected states. In general, the net FUTA [Read More...]

Hardee’s Onboarding Success Story – Compliance that Pays


Hourly and high turnover businesses face a number of distinct challenges when onboarding new employees. Huge risk for failure to comply with Form I-9 regulations, compounded by the high hiring rate Difficulty enforcing a consistent process with multiple locations Missed opportunity with failure to maximize on WOTC screening and processing Daunting challenge to keep up [Read More...]

Tax Intelligence: The Practice of “Payrolling” (Supplement)

The practice of payrolling

Background Based on feedback received from employers regarding our October 2014 issue of Tax Intelligence on The Practice of “Payrolling,” we are issuing this supplement to provide additional insights into the practice. There appears to be some confusion, and rightfully so, among employers between illegal payrolling practices and legitimate services offered by temporary staffing firms [Read More...]

Bulletin: Tax Intelligence – Florida Enterprise Zone


Situation Florida’s Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program offers valuable job creation tax incentives to qualifying businesses.  These tax incentives are available to all businesses, including retail, as long as they are located in a Florida Enterprise Zone.   Qualified companies can take these credits against either income tax or sales tax. Solution Once a company determines they [Read More...]

Retail Newsflash – Election Improves Outlook on Key Retail Issues


As the Republicans take control of the Senate, Retail policy priorities are likely better positioned in the new political atmosphere. Republican control of the Senate positions the following issues for higher priority action: Healthcare – specific ACA fixes will rise on the legislative agenda, such as defining full-time as 40 hrs/week vs. 30, and also [Read More...]

Bulletin: I-9 Compliance – Are You Prepared for the Holiday Hiring Season?

Holiday Hiring

Holiday Hiring Season Looms—Are Your I-9 Processes Ready? With the holiday hiring season here, employers should ensure readiness by re-examining their I-9 processes and accompanying documentation.  Higher volumes can lead to careless mistakes even with seasoned preparers, so a good starting point is an evaluation or creation of a strong Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document.  [Read More...]

Employment Tax Webcast Replay: Ask the Experts

employment tax webcast

On October 21st, Equifax hosted an Employment Tax webcast with a panel of experts dedicated to answering your employment tax questions.  The panel included: Rori Carney – Sr. Manager, Employment Tax Consulting Matt White – Director, Employment Tax Services Tom Towson – Sr. Manager, Employment Tax Consulting Scott Bankert – Director, Employment Tax Services The [Read More...]

November Mid-Term Elections – WOTC

vote election

As you may know, today, November 4, 2014, is voting day.  In this election cycle all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate are being decided.  After these elections, Congress will return to Capitol Hill and set about nominating and confirming committee [Read More...]