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Webinar: Best Practices for QM/ATR Compliance

Mortgage Keys

Increasing home prices and values are increasing the demand for home equity lending. The recent changes to Qualified Mortgage/Ability to Repay (QM/ATR) have established new underwriting standards, impacting how lenders evaluate and qualify prospective borrowers. Join us for a free webinar where a team of experts, including a senior manager of regulation and compliance at Equifax, [Read More...]

2014 Farm Bill Requires New Report to Prove SNAP Benefits Not Paid to the Deceased

Agricultural Bill

A provision of the 2014 Farm Bill requires agencies to submit a report to the USDA to prove they haven’t issued benefits to the deceased. Section 4032 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, “Annual State report on verification of SNAP participation,” says that agencies must submit a report to the Secretary of Agriculture …containing sufficient [Read More...]

Automotive Fraud: Income Misrepresentation

Income Misrepresentation

Automakers are back on top, showing their best sales in 8 years. Consumers who previously struggled to free up the capital for a car loan are able to qualify again. Still, just because some consumers are playing nice with the auto industry, doesn’t mean all are. In a recent research study, Equifax found that almost [Read More...]

E-Verify Version 25.2 to be Implemented

e-verify Form I-9

E-Verify Version 25.2, which includes updates to the Tentative Non-Confirmation Process, (TNC),  as well as further employee e-mail notifications is required to be implemented prior to March 1st, 2014.  As of March 2nd, E-Verify will no longer support prior versions.  Consequently, Equifax Workforce Solutions will implement a release incorporating these changes in late February and [Read More...]

Kicking Auto Loan Fraud to the Curb

Auto Loan Fraud

Application fraud in Automotive lending can be as simple as a clerical error or income exaggeration, all the way to flat-out loan fraud involving the falsification of loan applications, the creation of false pay stubs, or multiple vehicles financed with different lenders.  Sophisticated fraud involves groups of perpetrators and dishonest employees. The pressure to sell [Read More...]

Looking forward to seeing you at HiMSS14!


Healthcare fraud is estimated at $60-70 billion a year and medical identity theft and subsequent fraud rose by 20 percent in 2013. Most cybersecurity experts agree that secure identity proofing of patients and care givers is an essential first step towards protecting the security and privacy of sensitive data and mitigating fraud. As the leader [Read More...]

Government Big Data & Identity Intelligence


We were just at the Government Big Data and BI Summit where we presented on applying fraud lessons from the financial sector to agency program integrity and using big data to improve identity intelligence. Trends in fraud management in the commercial sector have evolved as fraudsters have become more sophisticated about hiding under a stolen [Read More...]

Patient Identification and Record Matching – WEDI 2013 Report


The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) just released its 2013 Report documenting a new road map for the industry to get “the right information to the right place at the right time.”  The report addresses accelerating innovation with new technologies and solving the challenges of achieving greater efficiencies at a lower cost. As such, [Read More...]

Data for KBA Questions Matters


News about data breaches seems to be never-ending over the past few years. One of the latest is the major customer identities hack of Adobe Software and news that 38 million customer accounts were exposed.  Along with other high profile breaches, the exposure of so much data that can be used to impersonate someone invites [Read More...]

Third-Factor Authentication Cannot be Lost, Stolen, or Forgotten


Do you have a list of passwords written down and hiding in a desk drawer? Have you ever lost your cell phone or the hard security token that is usually dropped in the bottom of your briefcase?  Have you struggled to answer the “challenge questions” presented at login? First-factor and second-factor secure authentication methods have [Read More...]